About Stillgoodthough blog:

Still good though is run by Katja, 25 years old social worker, youth worker and worker in nonprofit organizations from Slovenia with a passion for everything sweet and unfortunately with not so good stomach and skin when it comes to dairy and sugary products.

About Katja:

About three years ago I changed my life because I was really unhappy with my looks. First I started working out (never before I did that, even in school I had a doctors note for not attending my PE classes) everyday. Soon after I started changing my diet – I cut out everything with sugar, lactose and gluten. After few weeks I gained back my will to live and had the most energy I had in my life. But soon after I started missing my baking adventures and didn’t know how to incorporate baking in to my new lifestyle.  After first few misses and baking disasters I started to change recipes so it would fit in my new way of living and soon after started to made up my own. I now make up my own creations that fit into my way of living. In the process I realised that we only have one body and it is the one thing that is truly ours so we have to take care of it and that is what I am doing! 🙂


– Blog consists of recipes which are made by owner or are modified by the owner. –



Zapis v slovenščini prihaja! 🙂

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